Gun Sales Boom Despite Biden’s Gun Reform Push

( – Gun sales have been increasing for quite some time. Throughout 2020, people were lined up at stores trying to purchase firearms as they reacted to the pandemic and possibility of dangerous riots. The 2020 presidential election also had many gun owners worried that the Democrats, if they won the election, would restrict gun ownership as they promised during the campaign, and override our Second Amendment rights.

Well, Joe Biden did win the presidential race and now that he is in the Oval Office, our fears could become a reality. One of his top priorities in the wake of recent multiple mass shootings is now gun control and second amendment rights, causing gun sales to continue to rise.

Background Checks Soar

According to an April 1 report by the Washington Times, FBI background checks for firearms hit an all-time high in March. It was the highest it’s ever reached since the system went into effect 20 years ago. Almost 4.7 million background checks were done last month.

Although the background checks don’t all necessarily represent gun sales, experts do use them as an indication of how well the firearm market is doing.

The boom comes at a time when the country has experienced multiple mass shootings back to back. In the last three weeks, three high profile shootings in Colorado, Georgia and California have taken a combined 22 lives. President Biden is now using the recent crimes as a reason to push gun control measures. Specifically, he wants to expand background checks and ban the sale and use of “assault” weapons and high capacity magazines.

A gun shop owner in North Carolina, Larry Hyatt, told the Washington Times that he saw sales dip a bit in February but when limiting the Second Amendment became part of the conversation he experienced a “quick increase” in sales. He said he believes the stimulus payments also contributed to the rise in sales.

Biden does not currently have enough votes to push gun control through, but there is a possibility the Left could kill the filibuster to make it easier to pass their radical gun control agenda. If talk of gun control continues, it’s likely gun sales will keep rising right along with it.

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