Gun Sales Skyrocket As Biden Takes Office

Tulsa, Oklahoma - November 9, 2019: Gun show where people can buy and sell guns and related items. Editorial.

( – The Democratic Party has been trying to pass stricter gun laws for years, but the GOP has always managed to stop that from happening. Former President Barack Obama wanted to pass gun control measures in the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting, but sensible conservatives set emotion aside and put the Constitution first.

Since then, the Left has tried to slip other measures through and failed, mainly because the GOP held control of the House, Senate, and White House (sometimes all at once) at various times over the last decade. That’s no longer true. Democrats now control both arms of Congress and the executive branch. This new reality has spurred many Americans into action.

Gun Sales Skyrocket

According to a Washington Post analysis of the national data on gun background checks, Americans purchased more than 2 million firearms in January 2021. That’s an 80% increase over the previous year. The sales are among the highest for a single month on record, the only other months to beat the Biden inauguration sales were those that took place after Obama’s second inauguration and after the Sandy Hook shooting.

WaPo spoke to a 27-year-old Florida resident named Sam (no last name) who said the gun community fears that members might be “made into felons just by the nature of law,” especially with Biden in office.

National Shooting Sports Foundation spokesman Mark Oliva told CNN that he believes the increase in sales is due, in part, to Biden’s threats to “enact the most radical and far-reaching gun control agenda ever.”

Biden’s Promises

It’s easy to understand why gun owners would feel that way. Biden has made no secrets about the fact that he wants to enact radical anti-Second Amendment laws. During the campaign he proposed ending online gun sales, banning “assault” weapons, and taking aim at the National Rifle Association.

With a president who is pledging to attack people’s personal liberties, it’s no wonder they are stockpiling guns while they can.

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