Haitian President’s Widow Charged after Assassination

(ReliableNews.org) – Haitian President Jovenel Moïse died in July 2021 after he and his wife were shot in their home. Martine Moïse survived the attack. Nearly three years later, she has been indicted for his murder.

On February 19, news broke that Haitian Judge Walther Wesser Voltaire issued a 122-page indictment against 51 people. The former first lady was among those indicted for her husband’s assassination. However, according to several publications, the indictment contains no evidence that she had anything to do with his murder.

According to The New York Times, the indictment claims the widow and other accomplices gave statements that other people contradicted. The judge suggested that meant she was complicit in her husband’s death, even though she was seriously injured in the attack that left him dead. The indictment alleges the former first lady plotted to take over the presidency. A Haitian prosecutor also submitted a complaint against Mrs. Moïse and made similar allegations and charged her with conspiracy to murder.

Paul Turner, a US-based attorney representing Mrs. Moïse, said, “She categorically denies any involvement.” He accused the administration of Prime Minister Ariel Henry of launching a political attack against his client because there are rumors she might run for office one day. He said she would cooperate with the investigation but only in the US, where she and her children live.

Léon Charles was the Haitian National Police’s former chief when Moïse was killed. Now, he’s also been accused of playing a role in his death. He’s being charged with murder, attempted murder, conspiracy against the internal security of the state, possession and illegal carrying of weapons, and criminal association.

Ex-Prime Minister Claude Joseph was also indicted and accused Henry of “weaponizing the Haitian justice system.” He went on to say that they were unable to kill him and Mrs. Moïse, so now they are using the justice system against them. He called on the prime minister to resign from office.

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