Half of Americans Favor Large-Scale Deportation of Illegal Immigrants

(ReliableNews.org) – Millions of undocumented immigrants live in the United States. Many of them have built their lives here for decades. There are also millions more who came to the US during President Joe Biden’s administration. Americans have now expressed a desire to see mass deportations.

A new Axios Vibes survey conducted by The Harris Poll shows Americans are fed up with the immigration crisis. The poll was taken between March through April and pollsters spoke to more than 6,200 adults. According to the findings, 51% of the general public supports mass deportations of illegal immigrants.

When broken down by race, 56% of white people support the policy, as do 45% of Latinos and 40% of black people. A whopping 68% of Republicans want the migrants forcefully booted from the country. Forty-six percent (46%) of independents said they would approve and so would 42% of Democrats.

The majority of Baby Boomers (60%) and Generation X (53%) said they wanted to see immigrants deported en mass. Millennials were just below Gen X at 48% and Generation Z was against mass deportations with only 35% supporting it.

In addition to the mass deportations, 46% of Republicans want to end birthright citizenship and so do 30% of Democrats. That means children born on American soil would not be automatically granted citizenship if their parents were immigrants. That policy is very unlikely because it would require a constitutional amendment since the 14th Amendment guarantees birthright citizenship.

Former President Donald Trump has promised mass deportations if he takes office. He has also said he would not rule out putting migrants in detention camps. Reuters reported the presumptive Republican nominees said, “We’re not leaving them in the country. We’re bringing them out.” He said he intends to use the National Guard to round up migrants and force them to leave.

Trump made similar promises in 2016 but deported fewer immigrants than previous presidents and President Joe Biden. He intends to change that if given a chance.

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