Harris Drops Profanity Bomb When Advising Young Asians and Pacific Islanders

(ReliableNews.org) – Vice President Kamala Harris isn’t just the first woman or black person to serve as VP, she’s also the first Asian American and Pacific Islander elected to the role. Recently, she gave a speech to young people in the latter category and used profanity.

On May 13, Harris spoke during a health forum at an event for Native Hawaiian, Asian American, and Pacific Islander organizations. Comedian and actor Jimmy O. Yang moderated the event and asked the VP how her heritage informed her roles as a leader and her views. She gave a long response and then offered advice to the young people at the event.

Harris told them they have to keep their heads up when they go into spaces where nobody else looks like them. Then, the former attorney general of California explained that sometimes people who came before them would leave the door open for them. Other times they won’t be so generous and in those cases, she said they “need to kick that [expletive] door down.”

The shocked crowd laughed and clapped. Harris responded, “Excuse my language.”

Harris’ father was from Jamaica and her mother was from India. She has repeatedly spoken about her experiences as a woman of color and how they have propelled her forward.

While Harris’ F-bomb might have shocked some people, she isn’t the first politician to use foul language while speaking to people. Days before the event, former President Donald Trump held a campaign rally and led his supporters in a profane chant while discussing the criminal case in New York.

President Joe Biden has also used profanity in the past. In 2022, he was famously caught on a hot mic referring to Fox News’ Peter Doocy as a “stupid son of a [expletive]” when he didn’t like what the reporter said. He later called the journalist and apologized for his remark.

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