Harvard Poll Shows Trump’s Message Loud and Clear

(ReliableNews.org) – For months, cities across the US have been experiencing violence related to Black Lives Matter protests. The unrest has cost millions of dollars worth of damage and people have even lost their lives. Democrats are encouraging protests, while President Donald Trump is trying to restore law and order. And it looks like that message is resonating with the American people.

Harvard Poll

According to a Harvard Center for American Political Studies/Harris Poll conducted between September 22 through September 24, voters agree with President Trump’s law and order message. Of the 1,314 voters who were contacted, more than two-thirds support law enforcement. On the other hand, only 51% of the same group supports the BLM movement. Antifa was almost universally disliked, with a mere 14% of people saying they have a favorable opinion of the ideology.

President Trump’s Message

Trump has been campaigning on a law and order platform. He said that if the American people re-elect him, he will end the destruction of the radical groups who have taken to the streets. In fact, the POTUS has even said he would like to see Antifa designated a domestic terrorism organization.

Law enforcement groups across the country are endorsing the president because of his unwavering support for first responders. Joe Biden has not received nearly the same level of support. His campaign even calls for “re-imagining” policing in the US.

The president believes that’s just a fancy way of saying the Democrat will defund police departments. Biden has vehemently denied the claims. That war of words is likely to continue for the next month.

While we don’t know who will win in November, the latest poll is good news for the Trump Campaign. That’s the one message he has been hammering, and it looks like his insistence about the importance of maintaining law and order is something Americans want as well.

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