Here’s What Happens If The Election Isn’t Officially Resolved

( – The American people still aren’t sure who their next president is going to be. Currently, Joe Biden leads in the unofficial electoral count, but President Donald Trump is fighting to ensure the election was fair after allegations of voter fraud emerged. But what happens if he can’t?

Safe Harbor Deadline

December 8 is a critical date for the election. It is known as the “Safe Harbor” deadline and is six days before the Electoral College votes. States must resolve all election disputes before that date. That is when the slate of electors is supposed to be finalized for the big vote.

If the states do not resolve all lawsuits for some reason, Congress doesn’t have to accept the results submitted by the states. The state legislatures where the conflicts are taking place could then decide who to award the electors.

That could theoretically give Trump the 270 Electoral College votes he needs if Republican legislatures decide he is the winner in their states. Florida reportedly considered doing that in 2000 during the George W. Bush and Al Gore election. But there is another possibility.

President Nancy Pelosi?

There is another scenario that would be an absolute disaster: President Nancy Pelosi. On January 20, the SCOTUS chief justice is supposed to swear a new president into office. If the election is not resolved by that date, Trump is not going to remain in power. His term expires at noon on that day.

That would mean the Senate or the Electoral College would determine who the vice president is. If the Senate and Electoral College deadlock, then according to the Presidential Succession Act of 1947, the speaker of the House would be next in line for the presidency. That means Pelosi would be sworn in and become the commander-in-chief temporarily.

It is very, very unlikely that would ever happen, but it is a possibility. Yikes.

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