Here’s What We Can Do To Protect American Manufacturing In 2021

( – Manufacturing is a complex process in the 21st century, much more so than in the past. Modern products require a wide range of raw materials, sophisticated components, expensive high-tech factories, and a wide array of specialists. Protecting American manufacturing is no longer as simple as mandating companies to buy American made products and use domestic workers and specialists.

To begin, companies will need to scale up existing supply lines and look towards developing new ones. Factories will need to be modernized using appropriate tooling and fixtures. Additionally, manufacturers will need to staff up operations with suitably educated and trained personnel.

This sounds complex, but the government, working alongside manufacturers, can accomplish those feats — and more. It will take an aggressive forward-thinking approach to developing new immigration policies with an eye on facilitating the acquisition of educated, highly skilled innovators and workers. It will also require rethinking American trade policy to broaden manufacturers’ ability to obtain the materials they need.

America remains the world’s leading producer and consumer of many goods. It’s merely a matter of fine-tuning existing systems. Continuity of government will also play a critical role, making a second-term for President Donald Trump more desirable than ever.

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