High-Profile Democrat Indicted for Alleged Racketeering

(ReliableNews.org) – George E. Norcross III is a well-known New Jersey Democrat. The businessman is considered one of the power brokers in the state and used to serve on the Democratic National Committee. Now he’s facing possible jail time.

On June 17, Matthew Platkin, New Jersey’s Democratic attorney general, announced an indictment against Norcross and five other defendants. The charges came after a “years-long investigation into a criminal enterprise run by” the businessman and his associates. The indictment, which was unsealed the same day, includes 13 charges.

According to prosecutors, the Norcross Enterprise collected millions in government tax credits, acquired property and property rights of waterfront property in Camden, and used the enterprise’s power and influence to control government officials. The allegations against Norcross and his associates date back to at least 2012. The organization allegedly used its power to force state government officials to craft legislation that served the interest of Norcross Enterprise.

Former Camden Mayor Dana Redd allegedly helped Norcross use the city government to acquire the property and property rights by “coercion, extortion, and other criminal acts.” The alleged efforts by the individuals led to first-degree racketeering charges.

Platkin accused Norcross of heading a criminal organization for more than a decade. The attorney general accused the powerful Democrat of causing “great harm to individuals, businesses, nonprofits, and” residents of the city of Camden and the state.

The state AG held a press conference to announce the indictment against Norcross in Trenton. Norcross was sitting in the front seat as Platkin announced the charges against him. An aide for the AG tried to force the businessman to move but he refused. His attorney allegedly asked if anyone more was deserving of a front-row seat than the man who was being accused of committing crimes.

Norcross spoke to the press after the announcement and called Platkin “a coward.” His brother, US Rep. Donald Norcross (D-NJ), represents Camden in Congress but did not respond to questions about the indictment.

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