High Unemployment Rates May Favor Newsom’s Recall Election

High Unemployment Rates May Favor Newsom's Recall Election

(ReliableNews.org) – California voters headed out to the voting polls on Tuesday, September 14, to decide the fate of the state’s Democratic governor Gavin Newsom. There’s plenty of reasons for Californians to be concerned about the current state of affairs, including record record-setting wildfires and the ravages of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, perhaps the state’s extraordinarily high unemployment rate will tip the scales against Newsom.

Fresno Fox-affiliated television station KMPH recently reported that Newsom’s opponents say they are placing California’s lost jobs front and center in their efforts to remove him from office. The state’s unemployment figure soared to a stunning 16.4% in the early months of the pandemic.

California’s unemployment rate stalled at 7.6% for June and July. The state’s Employment Development Department said it won’t release August figures until September 17. That’s probably a blessing for Newsom, considering the recent rise of the Delta variant and its anticipated detrimental effect on employment in the Golden State.

Newsom faces pushback from those unemployment figures, but his administration’s handling of the crisis is a scandal in and of itself. Hundreds of thousands of out-of-work Californians waited for weeks at a time to collect unemployment assistance. Yet, at the same time, the state paid out a reported $1 billion to current prison and jail inmates and a total of $31 billion to fraudulent claimants during the pandemic.

Palo Alto Online reported that desperate unemployed workers reached out to California lawmakers throughout the pandemic, many of them “on the brink of suicide.”

Should Newsom lose his bid to remain in office, Republican challenger and conservative talk radio host Larry Elder is widely expected to replace him.

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