Hillary Believes Biden Is Troubled

(ReliableNews.org) – President Joe Biden is the oldest commander-in-chief in history. His age is his biggest liability and the one thing he can’t change. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton discussed the president’s age in a recent interview.

On February 7, MSNBC aired an interview between host Alex Wagner and Clinton. Wagner pointed out that polls continue to show the American people are concerned with the president’s age. She asked the failed 2016 presidential candidate how she believed her longtime friend should address the issue. Wagner asked if Biden should showcase the wisdom he has gained in his 81 years or show his “boundless energy.”

Clinton responded, saying he should do both. She told the MSNBC host that she talks to people in the White House frequently and said, “They know it’s an issue.” She then deflected and said she also thinks “it’s a legitimate issue for [Donald] Trump, who’s only three years younger.” Clinton went on to say that once a person admits that, they have to also talk about the stakes of the election.

The former first lady said she still supports Biden “on the merits” because she believes he’s “done a really good job as president.” With that said, she believes he should continue campaigning vigorously and do events where he’s interacting with people like he has been. The Democrat then criticized Trump, saying Biden “takes questions,” but the former president doesn’t.

Wagner interrupted and told Clinton the president doesn’t take questions from the media. The Democrat responded that it was “okay” that he refused to take questions from the press. The host said they would have to “agree to disagree.”

Clinton continued to defend Biden. Ironically, the day after the interview aired, Special Counsel Robert Hur released a report about the president’s handling of classified documents after his terms as vice president and made his age a huge issue, saying he couldn’t remember the most basic facts.

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