Hillary Clinton Signals She’s Ready To Work For Joe Biden – “I’m Ready to Help Any Way I Can.”

Hillary Clinton Signals She’s Ready To Work For Joe Biden - “I’m Ready to Help Any Way I Can.”

(ReliableNews.org) – Republicans have worried for years that failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton might try to get back into government work.

And now, this just happened.

According to an interview with 19th Washington, when asked if she would accept a job in Joe Biden’s administration, Hillary responded, “I’m ready to help in any way I can… if you’re asked to serve, you should certainly consider that.”

Hillary Clinton Says She’s Ready

The failed 2016 presidential candidate didn’t rule out the possibility of working for the Biden administration. She went on to say her focus right now is on beating President Donald Trump in November, something Clinton was unable to do four years ago.

In the interview with Amanda Becker, Clinton did what she always does, and launched into an attack on the sitting president of the US. The former secretary of state said she doesn’t think President Trump is going to “go silently into the night if he loses.” Clinton claimed he will try to “confuse us” and bring lawsuits.

Clinton Back in Government

When Clinton was secretary of state, she was an unmitigated disaster. Under her watch, four Americans, including a US ambassador, were murdered in Benghazi. Then she lied about why they were attacked, to begin with, and spent years under investigation for alleged wrongdoing.

While she was serving former President Barack Obama, she used a private email server to conduct sensitive government business. Some of it was so important, the feds retroactively classified the emails.

Now she isn’t ruling out another go around? Can you imagine her serving at the highest levels of the federal government again?

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