Hillary Sings Pelosi’s Praises — Compares Her to Queen Elizabeth

Hillary Clinton Compares Nancy Pelosi To Someone COMPLETELY Unexpected

(ReliableNews.org) – Queen Elizabeth II died on September 8. She was the longest-serving monarch in British history, leading the commonwealth for 70 years. While many leaders have expressed their feelings about the queen and extolled her many virtues, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made a bizarre remark about her while discussing Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

On Monday, September 12, Clinton appeared on CNN’s “State of the Union.” She told host Dana Bash that Pelosi has managed to consistently fight “turmoil and challenge” for the values she supports. She went on to say that the speaker “is the gutsiest woman in politics right now.” She claimed that the Democratic congresswoman was “somewhat like the queen” in the way that she fought for the values she believes in.

Queen Elizabeth II was known for being the UK’s top ambassador. During her time on the throne, she traveled to more than 100 countries. Unlike Pelosi, who often lashes out at her perceived opponents, the queen never got down into the dirt.

Throughout her seven decades, Queen Elizabeth II never publicly got involved in the back-and-forth in politics. Her role was to advise the prime minister. Fifteen PMs served under her, Liz Truss being the final one, coming to power just days before the queen’s death.

As the monarch, Elizabeth’s role was to be a neutral confidant for those leaders and give advice or warnings when need be. Pelosi, on the other hand, is purely partisan and acts upon her own personal beliefs.

What do you think about Clinton’s comparison?

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