Historical & Famous Frida Kahlo Portrait Sells for Millions

Historical & Famous Frida Kahlo Portrait Sells for Millions

(ReliableNews.org) – Twentieth-century Mexican painter Frida Kahlo lived in the shadow of the success of her artist husband Diego Rivera throughout her lifetime. Now, however, her status rivals Rivera’s, as evidenced by the recent auction of one of her paintings for millions of dollars.

On Tuesday, November 16, her “Diego and I” self-portrait sold for $34.9 million at a Sotheby’s auction in New York, making it the most expensive art piece by a Latin American artist. Her husband, Rivera, set the previous benchmark price in 2018 with the sale of one of his paintings for $9.76 million.

Kahlo’s self-portraits remain favorites among art enthusiasts and collectors. She painted a total of 143 paintings, 55 of them self-portraits. Another of Kahlo’s self-portraits, named “Roots,” sold for $5.62 million in 2006. It also set the record for the highest-priced artwork sold by a Latino at the time.

Curiously, she didn’t sell many paintings during her lifetime, and she only hosted one solo exhibition in 1953, less than a year before her death at the young age of 47.

A spokesperson for Sotheby’s identified the purchaser of the self-portrait as Eduardo Constantini, an Argentine real estate developer and founder of the Museum of Latin American Art in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Reportedly, he purchased the painting for his private collection.

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