Hollywood’s Hotshot Son Accused of Dismembering Wife and In-Laws at Home

(ReliableNews.org) – In December 2020, Samuel Haskell IV, his wife Mei Li Haskell, their three children, and Mei Haskell’s parents moved into the family-friendly neighborhood of Tarzana, just north of Los Angeles, California. According to the Daily Mail, Mrs. Haskell’s friend and neighbor — Elle Benami — described the woman as a wonderful neighbor, daughter, and mom. While she didn’t say anything directly unfavorable about Mr. Haskell, Benami described him as standoffish and a loner. Now Mei Haskell and her parents are missing, and her anti-social husband is under arrest.

What Happened?

On November 9, ABC 7 reported that police arrested Haskell after a homeless man found a torso in a plastic bag near a dumpster at a strip mall in Encino. Investigators believe the body was only there for a few days before it was discovered. The Los Angeles Police Department found Haskell at the Westfield Topanga mall and took him into custody. Authorities reportedly searched his home and found blood, body parts, and other evidence of a crime. The suspect is being held in custody on $2 million bail.

An exclusive by the Daily Mail gave a bit more detail about the incident and the man suspected of a crime. The outlet interviewed Benami, who said her kids spent a lot of time with the Haskell children — who are currently safe — since they moved into the neighborhood. She was close friends with Mei Haskell but would only let her children play outside the Haskell house.

The neighbor said Mr. Haskell had an “obsession with weapons,” and she was concerned the kids might get hurt playing inside. She said the man had guns, a samurai sword, and a crossbow and he would travel to Japan to practice martial arts. Although Benami didn’t describe the married couple as happy, she didn’t expect this particular outcome. The woman said she doesn’t believe she’ll ever see Mei or her parents again.

Who Is Samuel Haskell?

Mr. Haskell is the son of former big-shot Hollywood agent Samuel Haskell III and former Miss Mississippi Mary Donnelly-Haskell. His dad had well-known clients like Dolly Parton, George Clooney, and Whoopi Goldberg before retiring in 2004. He went on to found Magnolia Hill Productions and is widely renowned as the “nice guy in Hollywood” for his ability to maintain his integrity while in the city of glitz and glamour.

As for the current investigation, surveillance footage pulled from the scene showed a man in an SUV dropping off a heavy garbage bag at the dumpster. The video reportedly led police right to Haskell the IV’s door.

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