Horrific Recording Released Forces Top PTA Official to Resign

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(ReliableNews.org) – Critical race theory (CRT) is a hot topic these days. Republicans and parents across the country are trying to prevent it from being taught in schools because they believe it’s inherently racist. A protest over the topic landed a high-ranking Virginia Parent Teacher Association (PTA) official in hot water last week and eventually led to that person’s resignation.

On Thursday, July 15, someone posted a video on social media of Michelle Leete, who served as the organization’s vice president of training, saying, “Let them die,” allegedly in reference to a group of people protesting CRT.

Leete, who also serves as the first vice president for the Fairfax County chapter of the NAACP, told the Washington Post (WaPo) she was referencing the protesters’ ideals, not them as individuals. Apparently, the PTA didn’t buy her excuse and she resigned on Saturday.

The NAACP, on the other hand, is defending its first VP. The organization called the allegations against her a “false narrative.” They went on to imply they were the wronged ones, saying they’d received communications filled with “racial epithets, vile language and threats.” They said they firmly support Leete and plan to continue working with her.

In addition to losing her position with the Virginia PTA, the Fairfax County PTA no longer lists Leete as the vice president of communications for its organization. In the statement to the WaPo, she blamed the controversy on her decision to pause for applause while she was speaking.

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