Hotel VP Reportedly Assaults Disney Employee

( – Walt Disney World is often described as the happiest place on Earth. Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort has the same vibe as the theme park. One teenage employee at the hotel had a terrible day when a drunken guest reportedly assaulted her repeatedly.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office arrested John Munro, 64, last year and charged him with battery. Fox 35 Orlando obtained the arrest affidavit which stated that on November 19, 2023, Munro went to the Cítricos restaurant to eat dinner. The 19-year-old hostess was checking in a family who had a reservation for three, but arrived with an extra person, identified as the suspect.

Munro was not dressed appropriately for the restaurant. He was wearing shorts and a t-shirt, but the dress code at the restaurant requires guests to wear attire that respects the “sophisticated and upscale aesthetic.” It specifically states that swimwear is not allowed. The hostess told Munro he would not be allowed into the restaurant’s dining room because he was not wearing the appropriate attire.

Shockingly, Munro is not a stranger to the rules at luxury hotels. He lives in Hilton Head, South Carolina, and works as the vice president of hospitality, sales, and marketing at the Sea Pines Resort, a high-end resort. That didn’t stop him from allegedly behaving badly at Disney.

When the hostess sat the party, Munro followed them anyway. According to the affidavit, one of the women in the party told the hostess that he was very drunk and asked her not to allow him to sit with them. When she informed the suspect that he would not be seated, he allegedly slapped her on her forehead three times and said her name.

One of the guests intervened, and Munro walked away. Police caught up to him and said he had “slurred speech, glossy red eyes” and repeatedly threatened to sue Disney. Law enforcement took him into custody, and he was released the next day.

Munro is scheduled to attend a pre-trial conference in February.

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