House Intelligence Chairman Alerts to National Security Danger

( – The federal government deals with top-secret issues that the general public is not privy to as part of its job. Much of the information flowing through to officials comes from intelligence gathered by agents working for various agencies like the FBI and CIA. Some of that highly sensitive material was shared with members of Congress, specifically those on the House Intelligence Committee. Recently, there was an incident involving Russia and one representative alluded to it publicly on social media.

What Happened?

On February 14, Representative Mike Turner (R-OH), who is also the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, posted a cryptic warning to the American people through the committee’s official account. It said the intelligence group had received information about a “serious national security threat.” He called on President Joe Biden to “declassify all information” related to the threat so lawmakers, the Biden administration, and US allies could talk about a proper response to the issue. The message sent alarm bells throughout the country, with people wondering what was happening.

An unnamed US official reportedly told CBS News that the intelligence was about Russia. According to the source, the country is developing a nuclear-capable weapon to launch into space. This weapon could knock out US satellites, eliminating communications across America. However, the official said there was no evidence the Russians had deployed any such weapon, just that it was reportedly in development.


Moscow quickly responded to the allegation. According to the Associated Press, Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said the claims were made up in an attempt to scare Congress into approving more aid for Ukraine. He said the agenda couldn’t be more obvious. Peskov also pondered what “ruse the White House” would use next to force legislators’ hands.

House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) said there was no reason to be too alarmed. Although the speaker couldn’t reveal details about the classified situation, he assured that there were “steady hands” dealing with the issue. Representative Jim Himes (D-CT), who sits on the Intelligence Committee, also cautioned people not to panic. While he admitted it was a “serious issue,” it wasn’t an urgent matter but one the administration and Congress would have to address in the “medium to long run.”

The White House hasn’t made an official comment about the speculation, but the AP said the administration and legislators were upset about Turner’s actions. It’s unclear if he will face any kind of consequences for involving the public in a classified situation.

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