House Speaker Believes DHS Secretary Guilty of Actions Warranting Impeachment

( – The chaos at the US-Mexico border has plagued President Joe Biden’s administration for more than two years. Republicans have repeatedly blamed Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas for issues. The new House speaker has now accused the secretary of committing impeachable offenses.

On November 1, Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) appeared on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show. The congressman lambasted Mayorkas during the interview, saying the secretary’s actions are “inexcusable.” He explained that while he believes the head of the DHS has “committed impeachable offenses,” the House has a limited amount of “time and resources to go after that.”

Johnson’s issues with Mayorkas are nothing new. In August, the speaker, then just an unknown congressman, accused the secretary of lying to the House Homeland Security Committee while he was under oath.

Republicans have repeatedly called for Mayorkas’ impeachment. In June, the lawmakers on the Homeland Security Committee began an investigation that they thought would serve as the foundation for the eventual impeachment trial. However, months later, the House doesn’t appear to be any closer to moving forward with it.

Both Biden and Johnson have linked foreign aid to border security in recent weeks. The president is using border funding to sweeten the pot to get more Republicans on board with funding for Israel and Ukraine. He asked Congress to approve a $106 billion spending package to send military aid to the two countries and approximately $14 billion to stop the flow of migrants into America. Jonson has linked Ukraine funding to border security.

The new speaker told Hannity that America couldn’t fund the security of other countries if the government was incapable of sealing the southern border.

Millions of migrants have entered the US since Biden took office in January 2021. The flow of people into cities and towns has created problems across the country. Republicans have accused Biden of doing little to stop what they are calling an “invasion.”

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