How the Coronavirus Affects the World

How the Coronavirus Affects the World

( – Fears about the coronavirus turning into a worldwide epidemic have been in the back of everyone’s minds in the last few weeks. Thankfully, it seems that the spread of the virus has slowed, at least in China. However, that alone doesn’t discount how countries all over the globe are dealing with and containing the virus.


There’s been a significant drop in new cases of the coronavirus, but not without leaving a trail of death. So far, 2,118 have been killed by the virus with over 74,000 infected by it. Yet, the additional 114 deaths from the latest figures show that this is the lowest amount of reported deaths in about a month.

Fearing for their lives, Chinese abroad are refusing to travel back to their homeland. One case in Canada involves a Chinese man, Ruepang Cao, facing deportation after his claim for asylum in 2004 was rejected. Official sources haven’t explicitly stated whether or not his resistance against being deported during the coronavirus outbreak was successful, though his lawyer believes Cao was put on a flight to China.

It’s not all doom and gloom, though.

China and Japan have had a historic rivalry which escalated last year in the form of trade restrictions and other economic policies. With both countries facing a mutual foe, the coronavirus, they’ve come together to stave off the infection. Japan has sent airliners filled with protective equipment as a sign of friendship even in the face of societal and governmental tensions.

Other News

South Korea just had its first death from the virus recently. So far there are around 104 reported cases of the virus in the country. Details are scarce from South Korea, but the death was located at a hospital near Daegu, a heavily-populated city.

The Diamond Princess, a cruise ship docked in Japan, released hundreds of passengers after being cleared of any infection. About 150 of them went back to Australia, which continues to quarantine those arriving by ship. Additionally, the country has extended its travel ban to prevent further cases from developing.

Even Iran has seen some cases of the coronavirus. Two individuals have died after testing positive for the virus and another 25 are quarantined in the same hospital. There are a handful of cases elsewhere in the Middle East which seem to be properly contained.

Conservationists are proposing that wildlife trade should stop while the coronavirus is still at large. Initially, the virus was found in an open seafood market in Wuhan, China. Slowing down or halting wildlife trade across the world could help to keep the virus at bay.

The coronavirus still has the potential to spread more than it already has, but it seems that governments all over the globe are taking the proper precautions to prevent catastrophic mass infection.

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