How Trump’s “Made in America” Agenda Has Moved The US Forward

( – One of the primary goals of President Donald Trump’s first term was to increase manufacturing in the US. He enacted a “Made in America” agenda to counter the growing problem of jobs fleeing the country for nations with low-wages and lax regulations. Even though the Left doubted his policies would ever work, he has propelled the country forward.

In the first two years of Trump’s presidency, manufacturers created 479,000. Comparatively, in the last two years of former President Barack Obama’s term, the companies only added a meager 96,000 jobs. That’s a 399% increase.

Trump’s mission to manufacture more goods in the US became even more important during the pandemic. His administration was suddenly grappling with the fact that other countries, like China, make many of the prescription drugs Americans need to survive. To make sure drug shortages were not a problem moving forward, the president signed an executive order to boost drug manufacturing in the US.

The hard work and dedication President Trump has put into his “Made in America” agenda will likely benefit the citizens of this country for decades to come.

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