Trump Outpaces Biden In Travel And Events Before Election

( – If recent polling is any indication, the presidential race remains close. The message from the Trump campaign remains resolute “The president will win a second term.” On the flip-side, the Biden campaign claims polling does little to indicate the pathway to an Electoral College victory.

Not one to shy away from a challenge, President Trump is outpacing Biden across the board when it comes to the number of campaign events hosted and cities and states visited.

From September 1 to October 26, President Trump visited 13 battleground states to Biden’s 9. He went to 49 metro areas to Biden’s 34, with the president traveling a total of 35 days to Biden’s 27.

Upon first glance, those numbers might appear reasonably close. However, if you factor in the president’s absence from the campaign trail for about 10 days due to his infection with the coronavirus, those numbers take on a new meaning.

President Trump is willing to make the effort to earn a second term. On the other hand, Biden appears eager for campaigning to end.

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