Huge Supreme Court Case Could Affect Free Speech

( – The US Supreme Court is slated to hear a potential landmark case during its new session. This case could potentially set a new precedent regarding free speech, students, and the internet.

In 2017, 14-year-old Brandi Levy posted “F school, F cheer… F everything” on her Snapchat account because Frustrated she didn’t make the cut for varsity cheerleader.

Her school caught wind of the post and suspended her from cheerleading for a year for breaching the school’s code of conduct. Two federal courts ruled in Levy’s favor, ruling that a school’s authority to enforce its rules doesn’t “apply off-campus.”

The school district appealed, claiming that the court rulings threatened the authority of schools and teachers nationwide to address issues they claim impact order on school campuses.

With Amy Coney Barrett’s recent appointment to the bench and “originalist” perspective on the Constitution, it’s entirely possible the court could side with Levy and rule in favor of free speech rights for students. After all, the numbers are on her side, with conservatives holding a six to three advantage on the court.

The content of this particular outburst exhibit may not be a palatable example of free speech that should be protected, but the principle still holds.

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