Hundreds of Unvaccinated Workers Face Unpaid Leave Soon

Hundreds of Unvaccinated Workers Face Unpaid Leave Soon

( – Things aren’t looking good for many Los Angeles city employees. As many as 77 unvaccinated city workers are on unpaid leave, facing the worst inflation in more than 30 years, and the holidays are right around the corner. Their crime? They did not comply.

They would not sign the notice concerning the vaccine mandate the city is putting into effect. Up to 700 more employees could be in the same position by December, and those who stay won’t fare much better.

The LA City mandate is unique. Employees who refuse the jab can only do so and keep their jobs if their exemptions are approved. If approved, they’ll have to test once a week at the city’s ( taxpayers’) expense. Those who aren’t approved will have to test twice a week and pay $65 per test.

Testing must be done during employees’ free time and cannot go through any third party. LA City employees who choose not to vaccinate will literally have to pay with their time and cash for the right to go to work. This requirement comes on the heels of rising gas prices, increased rents and double-digit price increases for groceries and other goods.

Soon, those who want to avail themselves of the right to manage their own health won’t be able to drive to work, much less pay for the tests required for them to be there.

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