Hungarian PM Given Vast Powers

Hungarian PM Given Vast Powers

( – COVID-19 is continuing to kill and infect people around the globe. Hungary has been fortunate and not seen the same devastation as other European countries like Italy and Germany. This week it looks like the parliament chipped away at their democracy to keep it that way.

The Hungarian parliament voted on March 30 to give Prime Minister Viktor Orban sweeping powers to combat the pandemic. In a 138-53 vote, lawmakers gave the far-right leader permission to rule by decree — with no time limit written into the legislation.

Critics allege the parliament gave the leader dictatorial powers with the vote. The prime minister argues the move was necessary to ensure he could act quickly.

While there’s speculation that America is moving in that same direction, it’ll never happen. First, President Trump doesn’t need Congress to do that because he’s handling the situation admirably — his approval rating shows that. And second, the Founding Fathers made that scenario nearly impossible when they wrote the Constitution.

There’s no doubt the coronavirus is scary. But giving up a piece of democracy is even more terrifying.

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