Hunter Biden Offered Chinese Exec Meeting With VP Father

( – Republicans in the House have been trying to gather evidence strong enough to impeach President Joe Biden for alleged crimes and misdemeanors. However, their efforts have fallen short. The lawmakers are attempting to prove that Biden was involved in his son’s, Hunter Biden, foreign business dealings. The president has denied any involvement. Recently, the House Ways and Means Committee released some records that some say look suspicious.

What Happened?

The documents included a message from Hunter Biden in 2017 to an executive from CEFC — a Chinese energy company. It said that Biden’s father had asked him to “attend the Sandy Hook memorial service with him,” so he would be in New York. The younger Biden then said he “would like to meet” with the exec with his uncle. The message did not indicate that the president would be at the meeting or whether a meeting took place at all. President Biden also wasn’t holding any type of political office at the time.

A second message from the summer of 2017 was between Hunter Biden and Henry Zhao, another executive from CEFC. It read that he was with his father and they both “would like to understand why the commitment made [was] not fulfilled.” The first son then said he wanted the issue solved “now.” The message didn’t detail what commitment Mr. Biden was referring to, but there was a $5 million payout from CEFC-associated accounts to Hunter Biden 10 days later. Again, the messaging occurred while President Biden was not holding office. Regarding this second message, Hunter Biden told Congress that he was “drunk and probably high,” and he messaged the wrong Zhao.

Implications for the President

While Hunter Biden mentioned his father in both messages, neither proves President Biden’s involvement in his son’s affairs. In addition, the messages happened after Biden finished his vice presidential duties and before he ran for president in 2020, so the significance of the messages is unclear.

Near the end of April, reports indicated that Republicans in the House were trying to decide how to end the impeachment inquiry. Representative Austin Scott (R-GA) indicated that the GOP simply doesn’t have the votes to impeach because of its slim margin in the Lower Chamber. Representative Jamie Raskin (D-MD) demanded to know how long the GOP was going to “keep [the] nonsense going.”

Recently, the House asked President Biden to testify at a hearing in the lower chamber, but he declined the invitation. Since then, there has been little activity regarding the impeachment inquiry.

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