Illinois Judge Bans Trump From Primary Ballot Due to Capitol Riot Involvement

( – In December 2023, the Colorado Supreme Court issued a ruling that former President Donald Trump was “disqualified from holding the office of president.” The court cited Section 3 of the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution — the insurrection clause. While that case is currently sitting with the Supreme Court, other states are coming to the same conclusion.

On February 29, Aljazeera reported that Cook County Circuit Judge Tracie Porter barred Trump from the Illinois Republican presidential primary ballot for his actions on January 6 at the Capitol. However, she stayed her own ruling in anticipation of an appeal from the former president. Illinois voters asked the court to remove Trump from the primary and general election ballots for the state, citing the same insurrection clause used in Colorado.

Free Speech For People, an advocacy group that pushed for Trump’s disqualification in Illinois, was happy about Porter’s decision. The organization said the ruling was a “historic victory.” As expected, Trump’s campaign spokesperson said he would appeal the decision.

A Lawfare associate editor shared a map on social media showing the states attempting to remove Trump from their primary ballots and where the cases currently stand. Three disqualified him, but the decisions are pending appeal, and nine other states are pending. Numerous other cases across the country were either dismissed voluntarily by the plaintiff, on appeal, or for other reasons.

The Supreme Court heard oral arguments for both sides of the Colorado case on February 8, but has yet to issue an opinion. According to Aljazeera, the justices didn’t seem convinced they should allow Colorado to remove the former president from the primary ballot. They reportedly seemed concerned about the effect a move like that would have on the general election in November.

A decision about the matter could come from the court at any time. Its ruling could give an answer as to the powers states have to control who is and who is not on their ballot.

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