Inmate Forced to Vaccinate for Probation

Inmate Forced to Vaccinate for Probation

( – In the US, Americans are supposed to have the right to make medical decisions for themselves. So, why is an Ohio court not respecting that right when it comes to one man’s case?

On Wednesday, August 4, Cincinnati’s Common Pleas Court Judge Christopher Wagner asked Brandon Rutherford during a sentencing hearing for a recent drug conviction, if he’d received the COVID-19 vaccine. The young, African-American man stood in front of the judge, masked in an effort to protect those around him, and said no. When the judge asked if he planned to get one and Rutherford again told the court, no.

“I don’t plan on getting it. I don’t want it,” Rutherford said.

Instead of leaving it alone, the judge ordered Rutherford to get vaccinated within two months as part of his probation sentencing.

Carl Lewis, Rutherford’s attorney, expressed shock. He said he didn’t think that was within the judge’s authority. The lawyer indicated he would take the case to court if the judge enforced the mandatory vaccination, saying they’d have a “legal issue to address.”

Rutherford told a local news station that he doesn’t agree with the judge’s decision to force him to get a vaccine that he doesn’t want. He said he shouldn’t have to worry about going to jail over something like that.

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