Instagram Influencer Helps Rescue Afghan Refugees

Instagram Influencer Helps Rescue Afghan Refugees

( – The world has heard many heartbreaking stories out of Afghanistan over the last several weeks. Thousands of desperate Afghans tried to leave the country as the Taliban took control. However, one Instagram influencer tried to do some good.

Tommy Marcus, known as Quentin Quarantino on Instagram, raised millions of dollars to fly dozens of Afghans to safety. The 25-year-old Liberal Instagram star launched “Operation Flyaway” to get as many people as he could out of the war-torn country. More than 121,000 people donated to his GoFundMe fundraiser. According to the Associated Press, it was one of the largest humanitarian fundraising drives ever on the platform.

Marcus worked with the Rockefeller Foundation, Saraya International, and the US government, to organize the flight out of Afghanistan. When it finally left on September 1, 51 refugees were onboard, including humanitarians, women, children and other at-risk people. They were taken to Uganda, where the country is accepting up to 2,000 evacuees.

According to Marcus’ group, the company has also reimbursed others who chartered private flights out of the Middle Eastern country. They claim to have saved more than 350 people. Sayara CEO Scott Shadian said he was proud of what the group accomplished, but wished they’d been able to do more.

Marcus called the mission “beyond humbling.”

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