Investigators Find Insane COVID Rate at the Border

( – President Biden is bound and determined to reopen the nation’s border with Mexico. He revoked Donald Trump’s emergency declaration at the southern border on his first day on the job and ordered a halt to the border wall’s construction.

On March 7, Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) posted a video to his Twitter feed showing a steady stream of immigrants flooding across the border with no border patrol agents in sight.

As if that isn’t bad enough, that tweet came on the heels of a report that 25% of the immigrants transferred to a shelter in Harlingen, Texas, tested positive for COVID-19.

Pastor Bill Reagan, the executive director of a local food bank and shelter, told the Harlingen City Commission members last week that border agents bus migrants to his facility after processing them. Exactly one-quarter of the first group sent to him tested positive for COVID-19. “We can’t quarantine them,” he told the commission. The next day they load up on a bus or a plane, “and they’re gone,” he complained.

Maintaining proper control of the border remains a difficult task, with or without the complication of incoming migrants bringing COVID-19 into our country. Biden’s immigration policies will only serve to make matters worse.

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