Iran Attacks U.S Capitol in Video

Iran Attacks U.S Capitol in Video

Iran Attacks US Capitol in Video

( – Officials from President Joe Biden’s administration have been in Vienna for more than a month, trying to renegotiate the Iran nuclear agreement. While they are trying to be diplomatic, the hostile nation is continuing its dangerous rhetoric. This time, it came in the form of a fake video.

According to a May 3 report by the Washington Free Beacon, Iran recently released a new propaganda video that shows its military blowing up the US Capitol building. It also shows Iranian troops marching in Jerusalem. Iranian state television played the video before the country’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei spoke to the nation.

Why does the Biden administration want to enter into an agreement that involves removing sanctions with a country that has so little respect for the US? It seems as though former President Donald Trump had a point with his hardline approach. Perhaps it’s time for Biden to take a page from Trump’s book before those fake videos turn into actual attacks where the US is forced to retaliate against Iran in a no-win situation.

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