Iran Issues Warning To Weak Joe Biden Administration

( – Iranian officials initiated efforts to manipulate Joe Biden before his inauguration. In mid-January, they launched a series of military exercises as part of an effort to coerce him into reversing Donald Trump’s “America First” approach to foreign policy.  It would appear that the effort succeeded. Breitbart News reported a few days later that Biden’s transition team entered into secret talks with Tehran.

A few weeks later, the European Union announced it would host talks with Iran in hopes of restoring the Iran nuclear deal. The Biden administration swiftly agreed to join the effort. However, on February 28, Iran rejected the offer.

Most recently, Newsweek reported on March 4 that Iran’s president, Hassan Rouhani, warned European signatories of the Iran nuclear deal from playing “political games” on behalf of the Biden administration at an upcoming meeting of the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Team Biden reportedly put pressure on its European counterparts to censure Iran for its nuclear program. But, Tehran has indicated it has no interest in messing around with the White House until Biden removes American sanctions.

Once again, Biden ends up looking weak, and Tehran appears to have the upper hand. We will keep you updated on this situation as events unfold. 

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