Iran Prepared To STRIKE – Intelligence Agency Sounds Alarm

Saudi Arabia Warns Iran Preparing To Strike

Saudi Arabia Warns Iran Preparing To Strike

( – For months, the Iranian government has been dealing with protests from its citizens who are angry about the oppressive regime. Saudi Arabia is now concerned the country might take drastic steps to divert attention from the uprising.

Saudi Arabia has received intelligence showing the Iranian regime intends to carry out an attack on its country and other nations in the Middle East, including Iraq.

Iran has blamed the US, Israel, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia for instigating the protests in its country. Tehran, the capital city, has launched dozens of missiles and drones into Iraq since September.

The US and other countries have raised the alert levels for their militaries as a result of the warning. A National Security Council spokesperson told The Wall Street Journal that America won’t “hesitate to act in the defense of [its] interests and partners in the region.”

Protests in Iran broke out after a young woman died while in police custody. She was allegedly arrested for not covering all of her hair. After her death, young people rose up and demanded change. So far, the oppressive regime in Tehran has resisted efforts to make any adjustments. Instead, officials continue to point fingers.

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