Iran Targets United States By Promising “Crushing” Response

( – On Monday, November 16, the New York Times reported President Donald Trump considered taking military action against Iran. The commander-in-chief was looking at options to stop the country’s growing nuclear program. Iran is now responding to the report.

On Tuesday, Iranian government spokesman Ali Rabiei said “any action” against the country would “face a crushing response.” He claimed the country is maintaining its nuclear program for “peaceful reasons.”

Throughout his presidency, President Trump has warned against what would happen if Iran could get its hands on nuclear weapons. In September, after sanctions against Iran expired, the US tried to restore the measures. The other countries on the UN Security Council refused. Now, there’s a real concern about how the hostile nation could respond.

Unfortunately, if Joe Biden is certified president, it may be very unlikely he will be as tough as President Trump. That could be a recipe for disaster, especially when Iran is already making threats.

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