Iran to Follow Through With Plan to End Nuclear Inspections

( – On Thursday, February 18, President Joe Biden’s administration said it is ready to hold talks with Iran. Just a few days later, the chief of the UN’s nuclear watchdog, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), went to the country for an emergency meeting to discuss the international body’s access to its nuclear program. At the end of it, the only winner was Iran.

IAEA Chief Rafael Grossi announced he’d reached a “technical understanding” on Sunday that the UN will monitor the program for up to three months. However, Iran seems to be going ahead with its plan to give the international body “less access,” ending so-called “snap inspections.”

While President Biden has been looking for ways to pander to Iran, the country has continued to ignore the nuclear deal it has in place with other countries. Why should the US even consider entering another agreement with the nation if it isn’t even honoring those it’s involved in now?

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