Is a Russian-Ukrainian War Inevitable?

Is a Russian-Ukrainian War Inevitable?

( – With tensions mounting between Ukraine and Russia along their mutual border, the world’s attention has turned, once again, to the possibility of war. But is it inevitable?

The possibility of war between Ukraine and Russia varies from day to day depending on where people get their information. For instance, Biden administration officials insist a military clash is imminent. According to them, it’s not a matter of if, but when war will break out. They even took steps to temporarily relocate America’s diplomatic mission to western Ukraine, far from the country’s border with Russia.

On the flip-side, Russian President Vladimir Putin continues to support a diplomatic approach to the standoff. Russia’s foreign minister recently discussed Moscow’s “willingness” to negotiate in good faith to find “a way forward” without involving military intervention.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is standing in the middle of the two superpowers; he recently indicated a willingness to make concessions to Putin. On February 14, he characterized Ukraine’s desire to join NATO as “a dream,” an indication to many that his country might be willing to make concessions to Russian demands. European negotiators continue their efforts to resolve the conflict peacefully.

What do you think about the situation? Is war imminent, or is the spread of disinformation making it appear overblown when in fact, a diplomatic solution is still possible?

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