Is Egypt to Blame for Former President’s Death?

Egypt’s first democratically elected president, Mohamed Morsi, died this week after he suddenly collapsed in court.

Was Egypt to blame for the event, or was this just a case of bad timing?

Morsi was on trial for espionage charges. In fact, the government held him in prison for almost six years after a military coup. The leader had many, many health problems, including diabetes, liver and kidney disease, which has human rights groups saying the Egyptian government might be responsible for his death.

Human Rights Watch is an international organization that advocates for human rights. They claim that the government of Egypt failed to provide Morsi with proper medical care and actively took away his rights to basic care as a prisoner.

Morsi was held in solitary confinement for the majority of his incarceration. There is proof that the government knew about his declining health; a British parliament report from 2018 warns readers that Morsi could die prematurely if he did not get needed medical care promptly.

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