Israel Honors Trump

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu applauded President Trump this week for his astonishing action of solidarity and loyalty to Israel. Israel’s military captured the Golan Heights region during their war with Syria in 1967. International law considered the acquisition of this territory illegal at the time, but Israel maintains it was their right to take it.

Trump decided that this concerning situation needed resolution. Israel has been a vital ally to the US. but other countries continue to look down on them and even oppress them in a variety of ways. By signing an agreement that recognizes Israel’s sovereignty over the area, our president helped Israel gain a stronger defense against detractors.

“Trump is a great friend of our state, a leader who has done things which were not done previously and should have been done by the power of justice and truth.”
-Benjamin Netanyahu

Israel named the location “Trump Heights” as a reminder of the everlasting friendship between our countries. Trump was very pleased with this, and celebrated it as a great accomplishment for the administration. Israel is one step closer to fulfilling their prophecy as a nation.

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