Israeli Diver Discovers 900-Year Old Crusader Sword

Israeli Diver Discovers 900-Year Old Crusader Sword

( – Israeli diver Shlomi Katzin had no idea what the day had in store for him when he attached a waterproof camera to his forehead and jumped into the Mediterranean Sea. But, as it turned out, his GoPro captured his discovery of an ancient sword off Israel’s Carmel coast.

The sword lay in plain sight about 170 feet from shore at a depth of roughly 16-feet. It weighed in at four pounds and measured four feet in total length, including a three-foot blade. Katzin turned his find over to the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) as required by Israeli laws governing the discovery of any artifacts.

Jacob Sharvit, the head of the IAA’s Marine Archeology Unit, and his team quickly determined the sword was from the Third Crusade and originated about 900 years ago. Sharvit told reporters it was one of the only complete swords of its kind found in Israel. He explained relics survive better underwater than they do on land.

Katzin also discovered several other artifacts that day, including a few stone anchors and some pottery fragments. Experts say the area provided shelter from the elements to ancient ships and is home to several other archeological finds.

For now, Sharvit and his team plan to clean and analyze the sword, eventually putting the relic on display. Katzin received a Certificate of Appreciation and the memory of a lifetime.

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