Jeffrey Epstein’s Ranch at Center of Fraudulent Claims

Jeffrey Epstein's Mansion at Center of Fraudulent Claims

( – The controversy surrounding convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein continues to rage nearly two years after his apparent suicide in a Manhattan detention facility while awaiting trial. In a new development, documents recently uncovered by an Albuquerque, New Mexico, investigative journalist reveal potential fraud with one of Epstein’s former properties.

KRQE reported on May 13 that a Florida-based church filed a deed for part of Epstein’s 21,000 acres Zorro Ranch with the Santa Fe County Assessor’s office in October 2020.

The Love and Bliss church filed that deed, showing that it purchased the property for a paltry $200. It bears a creation date in April 2019, along with Epstein’s signature and that of a notary public.

Questions do surround the legitimacy of the deed. An attorney handling portions of Epstein’s estate said that Love and Bliss filed a fraudulent deed for another Epstein property in Florida. According to him, it ended up costing the estate a lot of time and money to get that claim ruled “invalid and unenforceable.”

Epstein’s estate plans on filing legal action to clear the allegedly fake deed. It is already preparing to sell the Zorro Ranch and turn over the funds to a victims’ compensation program.

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