Jen Psaki Makes False Claim About Americans in Afghanistan

Jen Psaki Makes False Claim About Americans in Afghanistan

( – Thousands of US troops are currently in Afghanistan trying to evacuate the Americans and refugees who are at the Kabul airport. However, there are others who have not made it to the airfield. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has said troops can’t yet get to those people. But when a reporter asked White House Press Secretary about stranded Americans, she lied. 

On Monday, August 23, Fox News’ correspondent Peter Doocy asked Psaki if President Joe Biden realizes most people aren’t upset that the US is leaving Afghanistan, but are mad that Americans could be stuck there. The press secretary became upset, saying the journalist was being “irresponsible” by suggesting citizens aren’t able to get out of the country. She claimed the administration would bring everyone home who wants to leave. Psaki went on to say nobody is stuck.

What Psaki said directly contradicts what Secretary Austin has said. He told the press that the people at the Kabul airport are being evacuated, but the military hasn’t determined how to get to those behind enemy lines. For instance, one American woman told Fox News that she has repeatedly tried to get to the airport. Last time, the Taliban shot a man in the head who was standing next to her. Another time, the Taliban whipped her for trying to get through its checkpoints. She said she’s “given up hope.”

The administration isn’t answering questions about those people. Instead, it continues to claim all Americans are being evacuated.

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