Jen Psaki Tries to Save Kamala Harris’ Reputation

Jen Psaki Tries to Save Kamala Harris' Reputation

( – Vice President Kamala Harris is the first woman ever to serve in that position, and so far, the legacy she is leaving is not impressive. For months, the American people expressed displeasure with her job performance. Additionally, reports indicate she isn’t getting along with President Joe Biden, either. It’s gotten so bad, Press Secretary Jen Psaki had to intervene and do damage control.

A recent CNN report indicated Biden is not happy with Harris. The article from the left-leaning Cable News Network claimed the West Wing was very tense. According to unnamed officials on the President’s team, Biden’s angry with the VP over how she’s handled the issues he placed in her hands, including the border crisis. Months after the President named her the point-person, the crisis is still raging, and she’s made almost no public statements about the matter.

In addition to the tension in the White House, Harris’ poll numbers are disastrous. A November USA TODAY/Suffolk University Poll showed Harris with a disastrous 28 percent approval rating. The VP’s problems caused Psaki to go on the defensive when she denied reports on Twitter about the tensions.

During the White House press briefing on Monday, Psaki again denied the reports and said President Biden trusts Harris.

Given Biden’s approval rating is only 38 percent, it seems unlikely the American public is buying what Psaki is selling.

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