Jewish Couple in Bloody Beverly Hills Attack Says Antisemitism is at its Worst

( – During congressional testimony at the end of October, FBI Director Christopher Wray said the threat of antisemitic attacks has reached “historic levels.” He said 60% of the religious-based hate crimes are targeted at the Jewish community. Police are now investigating an attack against a Jewish couple in Los Angeles, California.

On December 9, Raphael and Rebecca Nissel (ages 75 and 70, respectively) were walking to their synagogue in Beverly Hills when a man ran up behind them. The man started hitting Mr. Nissel in the head with a belt buckle, leaving him bloody and dazed. In an interview with The LA Times, he said that his wife told him to “watch out” just as something hit him in the forehead.

The assailant allegedly yelled, “Give me your earrings, Jew!”

Mr. Nissel suffered a deep cut to his head and had to get four staples. Paramedics treated him at the scene. He said his wife went home and grabbed him a new shirt while he continued to the synagogue where he gave a reading from the Torah.

On December 12, the couple sat down for an interview with “FOX & Friends First,” to discuss the attack and the increase in hate crimes around the country. Mrs. Nissel said she’d “never” seen antisemitic hate as bad as it is now. She explained that it began increasing during COVID-19, but “went up since the Israel-Hamas war 300%.”

Mr. Nissel said he thinks the solution to the problem lies with education and he believes colleges are “sending the wrong message” by allowing students to discriminate against Jews on campus. He argued that more needs to be done and said it’s a “big problem” that people are allowed to “slur and openly curse” at Jewish people.

Police arrested a homeless man named Jarris Jay Silagi in connection with the incident. Police booked the 44-year-old on attempted robbery, a hate crime, elder abuse, and suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon.

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