Jimmy Carter Is Now Receiving Hospice Care

Jimmy Carter Is Now in Hospice

(ReliableNews.org) – President Jimmy Carter, 98, is the oldest, longest-lived POTUS in history. He served as the 39th commander-in-chief from 1977 to 1981. His humanitarian work in the four decades since he left office is unmatched. Sadly, he may not be long for this Earth.

On February 18, The Carter Center announced the former president was back at home after a series of hospital stays. He is receiving hospice care in his home instead of attempting more medical interventions. The Center asked for privacy for the family as they move forward.

President Carter has battled a series of medical problems in recent years. In 2015, he underwent surgery on his liver at Emory University Hospital to remove a tumor. That same year, he revealed he was being treated for metastatic melanoma. That’s the deadliest form of skin cancer, and it had spread to other areas of his body, including his brain.

ABC News reported that Carter said he “was surprisingly at ease” when he learned he had cancer. He thought he would only live for weeks. But he explained at the time that his wife, Rosalynn, was not quite as at ease. The couple has been married for 76 years. Together, they have served communities across the US. He received groundbreaking immunotherapy treatment for the cancer, which kept it at bay for several years. Now it has come roaring back.

Three years after the Carters left the White House, they began building houses for Habitat for Humanity. Even in their late 90s, they have continued to contribute to the organization and help put people in need in their forever homes. The charitable organization sent its love to the former president after learning he would be receiving hospice care.

President Carter, who went from a farm to the White House, has inspired millions of people over the years. Americans are sending their thoughts to his family.

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