Joe Biden Caught Excluding Race From Federal Court

( – President Joe Biden has come under fire multiple times for discriminatory policies. For example, he allocated funds for a program to help farmers that excluded white males. That policy was thrown out in court, but the damage to the administration was done. Now he is being criticized for another seemingly discriminatory action.

According to a June 28 report by The Washington Free Beacon, the president has not nominated any white men for the federal courts. In more than five months, he’s named 19 judicial nominees and all of them have either been minorities or white women. Liberals are celebrating the nominees.

The administration is reportedly trying to diversify the federal bench after 80% of former President Donald Trump’s nominees were white men. It should be noted that the former POTUS never made race an issue when choosing nominees, instead opting instead to pick the best, most qualified judges.

Biden, on the other hand, is using the federal courts to push his radical agenda. While there is nothing wrong with diversifying the courts, the president should never pick judges based solely on their race. One could argue that is discriminatory and borderline racist. If Trump had done that, the media would have lost its collective minds.

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