Joe Biden Finally Condemns Violent Riots

Joe Biden Finally Condemns Violent Riots

( – Violent protests have been taking place across the US for months, and Democrats have largely ignored the events. In fact, they faced a lot of criticism for pretending the riots didn’t exist during the Democratic National Convention (DNC) that took place from August 17 through August 20. Now, Joe Biden is finally saying something, but is it too late?

On August 26, Biden posted a video on Twitter calling on Americans to “end the violence” and “peacefully come together” for justice.

That’s nice, he finally spoke up. It’s a summer miracle. It only took months of riots and multiple dead people to spur him into Twitter activism.

President Donald Trump, on the other hand, has been calling for an end to the riots from the beginning. Just this week, he announced he was sending federal help to Kenosha, WI, after deadly unrest in the city.

If it takes Biden this long to react in a situation like this, how long will it take if he’s president?

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