Joe Biden Leaning on Barack Obama to Make Important Decisions

( – President Joe Biden has employed a number of former officials from Barack Obama’s administration. In fact, when he began nominating people for positions, many wondered if his administration was going to be like Obama’s third term as president. Recent reports make it clear that the 44th POTUS is, in fact, still very involved in Oval Office decisions.

On March 22, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said that Biden speaks to Obama regularly. She said that they “consult and talk about a range of issues” over the telephone because they are “friends.” She did not discuss what decisions Obama is being consulted about, but indicated he hasn’t visited the Oval Office.

It’s not unusual for presidents to get advice from the previous occupants of their position when they encounter a tough issue. However, it seems as though the Biden-Obama relationship goes further than that if the contact is “regular.” And according to Psaki, it will continue throughout Biden’s presidency.

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