Joe Biden Looking to Force Republican States Into Mask Mandates

Joe Biden Looking to Force Republican States Into Mask Mandates

( – Republican governors in multiple states have enacted policies to prohibit school boards from mandating masks. Conservatives, like Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL), believe parents should have the final say in how to keep their children safe. By mandating masks, schools and other government officials take away power from parents. 

Democrats don’t like that Republicans won’t allow them to strip parents of their rights. President Joe Biden is particularly peeved about it. Now the president has threatened the lawmakers who are standing between his administration and parental rights. 

Biden’s Threat

On Wednesday, August 18, Biden said he has directed Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona to take steps to “protect our children” from GOP governors. He claims they are “setting a dangerous tone” by issuing bans on mask mandates and threatening to penalize officials who violate the orders. 

The president went on to accuse the governors of exploiting safety measures for political gain. Then he vowed he would not “sit by as governors try to block and intimidate educators protecting” children from COVID-19. 

Secretary Cardona also attacked GOP governors, saying they’re being negligent by allowing parents to have the final say about their children’s health. He said he is going to send the Education Department’s civil rights enforcement arm to investigate states that are blocking mask mandates. 

Republicans Push Back Against Mandates

Florida, Texas, Tennessee, Iowa, Montana, Arizona, North Dakota, and South Carolina have all enacted measures to ban mask mandates. Arkansas also had a prohibition in place but a court struck the order down. 

Florida’s Department of Education is taking a no-nonsense approach to the issue. On Tuesday, officials voted to punish two school districts, Broward and Alachua County School Boards, that are defying DeSantis’ order. The state didn’t say what would happen to the districts. 

Texas School Board Finds Loophole

Paris County Independent School District found a way around the mandate. The board voted 5-1 to add a mask mandate to its school dress code. Officials say they don’t believe Governor Greg Abbott (R) has the power to overrule them when it comes to the dress code. 

Abbott spokeswoman Renae Eze told the Washington Post the school board is violating the governor’s order by adding the mandate to the dress code. She said, “There is no loophole,” that allows the district to force children to wear masks. 

None of the GOP governors are banning masks, they are just giving children and parents options. The US is based on freedom. Personal choice is among those freedoms. They just want to ensure that parents are the ones making the final decisions when it comes to their kids’ health.

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