Joe Biden Plans To Allow Thousands Of Foreign Graduates To Take Over American Jobs

Washington, USA 10 4 2020

( – Reforming the immigration system, one policy at a time, is one of former President Donald Trump’s biggest accomplishments. Those policies, like freezing work visas, served America well when COVID-19 hit and millions lost their jobs because they no longer had to worry about competing with foreigners for work. President Joe Biden is now seeking to undo all of that work.

On Tuesday, February 2, Biden signed a series of executive orders targeting immigration. One of the orders is allegedly meant to restore “faith in our legal immigration systems.” It directs federal agencies to review the current policies to make migration to the US easier. That reportedly includes reversing Trump’s visa freezes, public charge rule for low-income immigrants, reducing naturalization processing times, and taking other steps to promote citizenship.

Not only is Biden creating a system where immigrants will be able to legally steal job opportunities from Americans who are suffering in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, he’s going to hurt his own voters. Eliminating the visa restrictions will allow highly-skilled foreign graduates to swoop in and fill positions that young Biden voters, fresh out of college, could have taken. Trump tried to warn Democratic voters, but they refused to listen. Now it looks like they might pay with their livelihoods.

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