Joe Biden Reflects on His Age

Joe Biden Reflects on His Declining Age

( – President Joe Biden turned 79 on November 20. He is the oldest person to be sworn in and serve as President of the United States. His age is a concern for many Americans who wonder if he can continue to be the active president the country needs.

On December 1, the president spoke about his age at a Hanukkah event, joking that he’s getting old. He also remarked he has been around for every Israeli prime minister since Golda Meir.

For many citizens, his age isn’t a joking matter. A Fox News poll from November 14 to 17 of registered voters showed that 53% of respondents felt his age negatively impacts his job performance. There is a deep divide between Republicans and Democrats on the issue. The poll showed 80% of Republicans think Biden’s age is a problem, but only 28% of Democrats feel the same way.

The president’s age is a topic concerning many when it comes to the next presidential election. While some people thought he might not run, on November 22, during a press briefing, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki confirmed Biden’s intentions to run for a second term in 2024. He will be 81 years old if reelected. For comparison, the second oldest person to ever take office as commander in chief was Donald Trump at age 70.

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